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Upgrade Testing

Elevate your performance with rigorous upgrade testing

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Falling behind on your upgrades of SimCorp® is not only risky but costly too. We know that the yearly upgrade required by SimCorp is expensive, work-intensive, and time-consuming. But it does not have to be that way!

Make your upgrade process smoother, faster, and more robust. We have assisted many clients in testing multiple upgrades and we know how to provide tools to automate the test process. With our vast experience in testing and validating, your upgrade can be an easy process.

We can help you get back on track and ensure that you remain there going forward by using our automated tools and processes. After upgrading and testing are completed, the tools stay with you and you are free to use them next time, with or without our assistance!


We believe in self-sufficiency and will throughout the process work closely with your team running the test scripts

Should any issues or defects arise during the process we will work closely with your team and SimCorp to get them resolved fast and efficiently.


  1. First, we run a workshop to detail the scope of testing.

  2. Next, we run our automated test tool. We will do a classroom training session for your staff and work closely with your team to hand over knowledge and teach them how to use the tools and investigate breaks. We will repeat this over at least 3 batch days to cover all major life cycle scenarios you face in your organization.

  3. In addition, we will assist with user acceptance testing / functional testing, define test scripts and help execute test scripts.

  4. At the end of the engagement, we will provide a report showing the results of the effort.

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