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Building solutions that meet your every need: Our experts ensure your systems align perfectly with your business goals

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Get concise requirements for your team that are easy to translate into design solutions. We ask the difficult questions and focus on your needs, and not on system limitations. We also come prepared with questionnaires and templates to help accelerate the process and give you a head start.

Whatever implementation model you are considering, we have the expertise and knowledge to build high-quality solutions for your business.

Whether your organization runs waterfall or agile projects we can help you capture requirements or user stories. We believe it is crucial for the success of a project to accurately capture the expectations of the end-users and to identify the needs of different stakeholders. 

We will make sure that all the right stakeholders and subject matter experts are represented. We start by defining a high-level scope of the project from the information you provide to us; for example business processes, RFPs, SOW, etc. By doing this first and then distilling the information into a detailed requirement process afterward, the possibility of getting hindered later on is vastly reduced.


During this initial stage, we gather as much information as possible about the current process and document any pain points you currently have. Then, with the basics in place, we will run a kick-off session, ensuring everyone is on the same page before we move on in separate sessions to elicit details from your subject matter experts.


For each requirement we identify, we define both positive and negative test scenarios; this is to help identify missing requirements. The scenarios will be elaborated into test cases at a later stage.


To conclude, we will carry out a comprehensive walk-through with the stakeholders, make necessary modifications, clarify and add details if required. This is all before the stakeholders agree and sign off on the requirements.

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