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Target Operating Model

Unleash your business potential with a Target operating Model, let our experts design the blueprint for your success

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Our blueprint Target Operating Model (TOM) is tailored to provide an organizational structure fit for SimCorp®; allowing it to redesign the operational model and optimize business processes. We look to find a model that fits your organization, always keeping in mind how SimCorp fits in.

The constant changes in the market, regulations, and the economy, together with evolving technology and globalization mean companies must ensure they stay ahead of the curve. That means a TOM showing a firm’s blueprint vision is vital.

We provide a guaranteed high-level representation of how your organization can be best organized to more efficiently and effectively deliver and execute your strategy. By representing every significant element of business activity, people can visualize the organization from various angles across the supply chain. People, processes, and technology are key components underlining any TOM and are critical to ensuring its success.

Dimensional Community can help you define and deploy the right model for your organization where SimCorp is a part of your technology platform. We ensure you stay on the right path to successfully achieve your strategic goals. Whether altering an existing Operating Model or creating one from the ground up, Dimensional Community makes certain that the key components of your business are aligned with your desired strategy.

It enables the application of a corporate strategy or vision to a business; one that aligns operating capacities and strategic objectives. Our TOM will provide a company-specific overview of:

  • Business capabilities

  • Internal factors and external drivers 

  • Strategic and operational levers 

  • Organizational and functional structure

  • Technology and information resources.

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