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Process Automation

Transform your operations with process automation: Our solutions streamline your workflows and maximize efficiency for greater productivity 

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Our Process Optimization and Automation Service is in place to make sure firms avoid the numerous pitfalls that can occur on the platform.

Efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and speed are key to survival in this increasingly competitive market. In the initial setup of SimCorp, limited functionality may not have allowed for a proper solution, which might force an organization to adapt its own workaround. It tends to be the case that focus is on creating a working solution quickly which often results in a highly manual solution. The result is less automation than originally planned when the implementation started.

The high flexibility of SimCorp has great value but on the flip side, it means sub-par processes and solutions are always a possibility. Cumbersome, slow, unreliable, and error-prone processes in SimCorp are commonplace. Automating more processes helps reduce errors and improves processes so that your staff only has to focus on exception handling rather than routine tasks that a computer easily can handle.


This service has been created by our highly skilled team who have detailed knowledge of IBOR, reconciliation, Auxiliary jobs and trade processing, integration with DFS, DEX, and Communication Server, payment workflows, and settlement.

The offering includes troubleshooting and identifying where the issues lie and providing a better, faster, and more reliable solution guaranteed.  We specialize in automating and creating improved processes and solutions for our clients, streamlining your challenging processes, and achieving an optimal outcome.


A solution architect from Dimensional Community will review your processes with an in-depth understanding of the actual business requirements behind them. This industry-leading service involves our experts locating the best solutions, sketching them, and presenting them to you as prototypes. Once you are comfortable with the proposal, our team will assist you by completing the solution and adapting any upstream or downstream applications that may be affected by the changes. Needs to be reworded/updated so it includes ‘automation’ and reflects that we offer a service, meaning we provide best practice solutions.

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