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Streamline your business processes with seamless system integration: Our experts make your systems work together in harmony

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SimCorp Implementation
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Our team of developers has in-depth experience working with complex Communication Server solutions, Data Extracts, and Data Format Setups. We understand the complexities of integrating across various queuing techniques and enterprise service buses.

We can help with all aspects of integrating your 3rd party systems with SimCorp. We have some of the best technical SimCorp experts that have vast experience with system integration projects spanning over 100 different systems, and some with over 500 connections. We help our clients integrate distinct systems and ensure that they function flawlessly with the others.


In order to build efficient and performant database queries in SimCorp, it is important that you not only understand the business requirements but also the database, fields, and joins. An extract can quickly become slow once data volume is added over months or years if it is not built correctly and optimally. Our team is comprised of experts in building effective queries and have decades of experience in optimizing existing queries.


Data from 3rd parties seldom have a one-to-one relationship to SimCorp database fields. We are specialists in transforming data, reformatting it, and creating rules and exceptions so your imports work seamlessly and without any breaks. A common mistake is forgetting to add data exceptions in formulas, so imports break on some records after going live. We guarantee a solid, comprehensive solution that works.


For more advanced connectivity and automatic workflows with SimCorp, we can help build communication server solutions that you can rely on. We have done numerous implementations such as SWIFT reconciliation and instructions, automatic requests to data providers when trade failed because of missing security, and export/imports via auxiliary jobs.

We have in-depth knowledge of SimCorp’s tools:


  • Data Extractor (and Advanced Data Extractor)

  • Data Format Setup

  • Communication Server

We have done numerous implementations. Examples include: 


  • SWIFT instructions and confirmations 

  • SWIFT holding and payment reconciliation

  • Automatic call to the data provider after failed trades from missing data 

  • Transaction processing using various auxiliary jobs.

We have a vast library of system integrations we have done in the past. Here are just a few samples: 


  • Bloomberg securities

  • Reuters securities

  • BlackRock Aladdin

  • Charles River

  • StatPro

  • Wilshire

  • Colline

  • Murex

  • Oracle GL

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