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System Selection

Finding the right fit for your business: Our system selection experts help you choose the best solutions for your needs

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Every system has its strengths and weaknesses. We know SimCorp® inside and out. We can advise and guide you in your selection, from Front Office to IBOR and ABOR. We know the hard questions to ask SimCorp; questions you should also check with their competition.

If SimCorp is a part of your systems selection process so far, make sure you talk to us before you continue. Our team of experts has done over 50 different implementations of SimCorp and knows that while each organization has similar needs, every organization is different.

Having decades of experience working with SimCorp, we at Dimensional Community not only know the common problems you can face with SimCorp, but we can also help find potential gaps in the software that are key to your operation.


SimCorp is a very flexible system that can be the solution to a vast array of problems. However having too many workarounds can become a burden on your staff, make processes inefficient and risk slowing down your business operation.


We will sit with your subject matter experts to understand your business workflows and your current pain points. Our focus will be on how you ideally want to operate your business. Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, we will map this out to potential solutions, point out any inefficiencies, and explain what implication this has on your organization.

Whether you are an asset manager, an investment bank, a pension plan, an insurance company, a sovereign wealth fund, or a fund manager, we can help firms make the right decision. If you choose SimCorp, we will ensure you know what limitations you will face and what enhancements you need to get delivered to close any possible gaps.

Some common examples we often come across are:

  • In accounting: There are multiple amortization methods, we can help by making sure the one you require is covered by SimCorp and that it does not create jumps on certain odd days

  • In front office: It could be a complex analytics calculation that works in excel but does it also in SimCorp?

  • In performance: There could be a model where it is not clear that SimCorp covers all aspects of it

  • In integration: It could be a workaround that was agreed and it conceptually works well on a small scale in demos, but when applied in real life on volumes it falls apart

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