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Solutions Architect

Crafting tailored solutions for your unique business needs, trust our expert solution architects

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We know the importance of getting it right the first time. Our Solution Architects have 12+ years of experience working with SimCorp. They have worked on multiple projects and can clearly explain the benefits of the solution that best fits your organization.

For software solutions to work effectively and meet the set business needs, they need to have a well-thought-out architecture that accounts for numerous technical and business nuances. Put simply, the long-term success of any IT project relies on input from a solutions architect. Someone who has wide-ranging technical expertise and skills in business analysis and project management. A person with an aptitude for balancing business needs with different nuances of technology solutions.

With decades of experience working with SimCorp, our solutions architects are exceptional at listening to your business needs and turning them into design solutions within the platform. They have deep knowledge of all technical aspects of the project. They can clearly communicate challenges, provide guidance and assess the technology infrastructure of the solution.


The Solutions Architects on our team are capable of shaping, designing, and managing a solution comprehensively and strategically. They are assertive, responsible, detail-oriented, and able to multi-task to ensure the solution is satisfactorily built and managed. They can precisely identify, evaluate and assess risks to eliminate any factor that might hinder the successful delivery of the solution. We make sure we are first to scrutinize project constraints to analyze alternatives and conduct process re-engineering as necessary. A Solutions Architect is a pioneer of the solutions that fit an enterprise architecture in terms of a business, information, and technical standpoint.

Our team has experience working with all manner of roles within the sector:


  • Asset managers

  • Pension plans

  • Insurance companies

  • Investment banks 

  • Sovereign wealth funds

  • Central Banks

  • Trusts

  • Fund managers

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