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Technology Integration

Seamless technology integration for future ready business: Our experts make your digital transformation a reality

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There are many ways to integrate your existing systems with SimCorp®. One of our key strengths is to advise clients on the right platform, the best tools, and the optimal approach for successful and future-proof integration.

For an IT system landscape, getting the most out of SimCorp requires business knowledge to overcome the technical challenges you may face during a complex systems integration. This applies not only to your own in-house systems but also to those of your external partners, suppliers, and customers.

At Dimensional Community our systems integration specialists can help firms manage complex technologies and solve business challenges through efficient integration of technology. In addition to offering advice, we also offer implementation services to help companies better manage their technology platform with SimCorp in mind. From requirements to architecture, testing to deployment and beyond, we bring an integrated perspective to every project focused on your company as a whole.


Our expert team is guaranteed to deliver your SimCorp needs, ensuring that everything works in tandem with your overall digital strategy. We ensure the alignment of your systems platform with your business requirements and the simplifying of the implementation of enterprise integration. With ease, our experts connect your entire ecosystem with SimCorp, incorporating scalability and stability.

Dimensional Community’s Technology Integration is more than just consultancy. We offer value to your company on a fiscal level, reducing costs and saving time. All this, while never losing sight of quality.

Technology Integration with Dimensional Community includes: 


  • Enhanced flexibility

  • Increased responsiveness

  • Easing of integration and IT complexities

  • Reduced integration costs

  • Boost in data quality

  • Raise value and increase speed to market

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