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SimCorp Consultancy

We offer your organization a consultancy service designed to help you streamline your organization and gain maximum value from your IT environment. Our managed team approach is for ensuring trusted and effective best practices.

Dimensional Community Team of SimCorp experts

Your organization is in a constant state of change, influenced by external factors. This means your technology, processes, and people need to adapt.  Dimensional Community's Services portfolio recognizes that fluidity is a critical part of transformation and helps you use IT as a force to support and enable your business to succeed.

Our consultancy practice provides a largely self-managed approach to solving the end problem, managing stakeholder expectations, and requesting input as required. We will also predetermine a delivery method with your team and a framework of assets that accelerate the delivery.

Our talented team employs a best-practice delivery method and framework which includes configuration templates, accelerators, project tools, and much more.

  • Provide. We create a solution to your problems, which will include a talented team (or individual) employing a best-practice delivery method and framework (templates, accelerators, tools, etc.)

  • Implement. Our practices focus on developing products and services, including experts and best-practice assets, around areas of specialism.

  • Guarantee. We ensure a talent management team that supports and guides career development with the consultants.

We will largely self-manage our teams to solve the end problem, managing stakeholder expectations and requesting input as required.  We also bring with us a delivery method and a framework of assets that accelerate the delivery.​

As part of our Managed Team services, we look to help you realign and develop that strategy by looking at cost, organizational objectives, and change. We will analyze and review your IT strategy to ensure it comprehensively meets your business needs and, optimizes your technology investment. 

Our consultancy approach also looks to help you realign and develop strategy, looking at cost, organizational objectives, and change.

Our service is complimentary to SimCorp. We always guarantee leading subject matter experts on every project with expansive past SimCorp experience. Our team has a minimum of 5 years working with SimCorp, whereas seniors have 8+ years.

Our projects have oversight from a partner with at least 10 years SimCorp experience. We strive to:


  • Provide conceptual guidance

  • Assist with workshop preparation

  • Provide Target Operating Model advice

  • Assist with any competitive guidance

Key Factors

SimCorp Consultants at work

Team Dynamics

A team of agents may not have worked together before, whereas our Dimensional Community consultancy teams are more likely to have done so (and, in any case, will employ a common method). This means they will have a better grip on interpersonal skills and thus better create a more effective team.

Delivery Support/Backup

Sole agents have only limited resources to fall back on, in a pinch. Dimensional Community, however, has near-immediate access to various other consultants and resources when needed.

SimCorp support
SimCorp training

Training Guarantee

Dimensional Community (as a professional services company) is only as good as our people. This is why we invest significant amounts of time and money ensuring that our consultants are kept up-to-speed with the state of the art.  Agents are responsible for their own skills development, which must come at their own expense (both the cost of training and the lost opportunity cost of missed billing days during the training).

Risk Protection

You're on your own with solo agency staff; although you can fire them if they fail to perform, you cannot recover the time and money you've spent on the project team as a whole in the meantime.  Our consultancy solution has an even greater need to protect our reputation and have greater resources to draw on, should the need arise.​

Mitigate risk with SimCorp

Hear about past client experience

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