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Process Optimization

Optimize your operations for maximum efficiency: Our process optimization solutions drive digital transformation

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Working together with your subject matter experts, we start by identifying weak or inefficient processes. We then map and analyze them to find better solutions; leading to restructuring or automation. We use our accelerators to help our clients get a jump start.

Introducing changes to processes can be difficult, especially when you need buy-in from multiple stakeholders who are heavily invested in familiar routines and resources. Dimensional Community are experts in bringing best-in-class Business Process Consulting Services to organizations either introducing or already using SimCorp.

A complex system such as SimCorp has a huge variety of processes and workflows that can be used to reach the same conclusion. Finding the optimal solution requires wall-to-wall knowledge of SimCorp from business and technical standpoints.

We work closely with your team to create sustainable, scalable, and innovative solutions. This will allow you to remain competitive and have processes that can evolve to suit your operational and customer needs. Working with us, you get practical solutions and easily applicable results that are business-driven. We will make sure you see improvement in operational performance and end-user experience.

Dimensional Community’s highly experienced professionals have unmatched SimCorp operational backgrounds and can help you:


  • Eliminate redundancies

  • Streamline workflows

  • Improve communication and throughput

  • Minimize cost and optimize efficiency

Our process consists of the following steps:


Step 1: Identify. We identify current pain points in your daily processes and define the business purposes and goals.

Step 2: Analyze. Next, we determine if these goals are being met, search for potential alternatives that provide the same result, and consider whether anything can be automated. 

Step 3: Implement. Once the processes have been defined and agreed upon, we will implement the solution; working closely with your team to ensure they understand how it works.

Step 4: Monitor. Finally, we take a step back and look at the performance of the processes; fine-tuning where needed until you get the results that you desire.

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