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Data Migration

Seamless data migration: Our experts ensure a smooth transition from legacy to SimCorp

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Avoid the typical mistakes and work with a team that not only knows the pitfalls of SimCorp Dimension but also has experience working with legacy systems such as Eagle, Advent, Portia, and PAM to name a few. We provide on-time and on-budget migrations. 

A large part of the work implementing SimCorp goes to migrating data. Extracting data from your legacy system, using existing reports, scrubbing and cleansing the data, and then mapping it to fit what SimCorp requires.


We have worked on many implementation projects (including SimCorp to SimCorp data migration project) using a vast selection of legacy systems.

With our extensive and experienced knowledge in migrating data from legacy systems, you can feel at ease. No matter what your questions may be, we have faced them before in other implementations and can provide recommendations and share our expertise.

With our team ready to help, we know how to ensure your organization has a smooth go-live transition with Dimensional Community.

Our consultants have:


  • A methodical and logical approach to planning and organization

  • Experience problem-solving under pressure and in complex situations

  • The ability to clearly communicate with team members

  • Excellent time management skills and a goal-oriented personality.

Read our Case Study

How Dimensional Community helped migrate to SimCorp 

Case Study on SimCorp data migration
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