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Post Go-Live

Continued success after go live: Our post implementation support ensures your team can embrace and run SimCorp seamlessly

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It is a fact that many clients dread when the time comes for their SimCorp implementation team to leave after their go-live. We can help prepare a SimCorp business support team with the right knowledge of external and internal resources. This will quickly allow you to take full ownership and control of the live environment and ensure you can sustain the quality implemented.

SimCorp requires a lot of custom configuration to fit into your processes and workflows. Once the implementation has been completed, the vendor will hand over the customized application to your internal IT team to continue with its support and maintenance. At this point, most businesses are faced with the challenge of continuing to support and enhance the customized application while the users become familiar with it and want to make changes. If you’ve ever been part of a large new system implementation, you know that one of the most difficult challenges is the change management of your people.


It can be tough to make sure that a workforce retains what they are taught during training for a new system. Because of this, your organization must be prepared to deliver ongoing, real-time support that end-users will need to navigate the system without the need for countless training manuals.


While users are waiting for answers during a hectic go-live period, errors can become costly if not resolved fast. Your support team works around the clock to keep up with tickets and deliver help as swiftly as possible, but sometimes this still isn’t fast enough. When employees don’t have quick, self-service access to answers, it can result in problem-solving with existing resources which can result in making up remedies on the spot. What may seem like a minor slip-up at the time can result in serious consequences to the business down the line, which is why it’s critical to have the proper tools in place to easily troubleshoot problems in times of need.


Employees do not have time to look through manuals. New workflows and modules require extensive tuition as employees begin to interact and adjust to a new system. One of the keys to limiting productivity loss during these times is to provide on-demand guidance and expertise that employees can trust, not extensive courses or manuals that require employees to expend hours of their day.


Some of your employees will be accustomed to working with SimCorp, but what about your new hires or even occasional users? It’s important to keep in mind that some employees may not be used to the system or may not even need to understand how to use SimCorp the same way your super users would. Providing ongoing, post go-live support that’s quick and easy to understand is critical to getting new hires up to speed while providing a way for existing employees to stay up to date on the latest process changes.


Without a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by employees within the system, it’s extremely difficult to adequately address user needs. Post go-live training metrics around questions and support requests are crucial to ensuring your team can provide better or additional training resources and prevent issues from recurring.

Dimensional Community ensures you are supported for the critical go-live period and prepares your team to be self-sufficient in running SimCorp. We will:

  • Provide your end-users and support team with real-time support during the first weeks of go-live

  • Answer any questions from the business users and ensure a fast response

  • Deliver on-demand guidance and expertise that you can trust

  • Empower your SimCorp support team so they are well-equipped to take onboard new users and catch up on new features of the product

  • Lay out training metrics around questions and support requests to give better or additional training resources to your team

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