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Program Management

Driving successful outcomes with expert program management: Our solutions ensure your project stay on track and deliver measurable results

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Once you have committed to a particular implementation, it's extremely important to work with a project manager that understands the complexities around SimCorp, has hands-on experience from other projects using the platform, and can help you avoid the mistakes of your peers.

Managing a SimCorp implementation project through to successful completion requires skill. Not only does the person need to understand your business and what is critical to you, but they also need to understand the limitations of the software as well as how to handle any issues and risks arising from the team members on the project.

Our project managers are PMP certified and have run several SimCorp implementation projects from start to finish, both small and large. We provide independent and critical thought to the project and work closely with both the vendor (SimCorp) and your team. We have a strong working relationship with the vendor that benefits you to help guide the project team to make the right decisions.

Our project managers are the best in the industry; known for their strong leadership and being unafraid to raise issues or concerns early in the process. We always adhere to milestones and work with integrity, playing with open cards. We believe in strong and open communication with all stakeholders and as part of our service, we always offer a weekly status report and regular updates to your senior staff members.

Whether you run projects agile or waterfall or something in-between, our project managers have been there and will adapt to what works best in your organization.

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