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Quality Assurance

Delivering excellence with every product and service: Our quality assurance solutions ensure the highest standards of performance and reliability

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Let Dimensional Community give you a head start with our team of experienced SimCorp testers. We provide a library of test cases, tools, and methods that will help accelerate your testing, and reduce cost while providing top-quality testing assistance to your team. 

It is no secret that SimCorp is a very large system, with a codebase of over 25 years and over 400 developers. It allows you great flexibility in customizing workflows that meet the needs of your organization. However, this makes testing so much more important to ensure that discussed solutions and configurations ultimately meet your needs.

At Dimensional Community we know how challenging it can be as a new client to test, let alone understand the software, and processes. We believe that testing is not only useful to assure the quality of the configured system, but equally to train your staff in supporting, operating, and upholding it.


Our team has been through numerous new implementation projects, helping our clients navigate SimCorp Dimension and training them in using it. All our team members have at least 5 years of hands-on experience testing SimCorp with excellent technical skills and strong business understanding. They easily solve problems by attentively researching issues, investigating the cause, and providing an explanation for breaks.


In our experience for a project to be successful, your team must understand how the system works. A critical part of that is by testing to make sure the system works to your specifications, but also at the same time to learn.

We can help by:


  • Guiding you through the workflows and helping you research issues

  • Providing best practice test scripts and customizing them to fit your organization

  • Explaining how your original requirements were designed and configured

  • Ensuring you cover all aspects of testing to limit unforeseen issues that might arise once you go life

  • Making sure your team is well-equipped to go live by understanding Dimension and its workflows

  • Being the liaison between SimCorp and yourself to translate SimCorp Dimension terminology to market terminology.

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