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Data Management

Unlock the power of your data: Our comprehensive data management solutions drive insights and actionable intelligence

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Bad data can be very costly. We are proven to provide the best practice for managing data using SimCorp®. We are well-prepared for any pitfalls that may occur and poised to assist you to overcome all potential obstacles. Our team are experts in guiding you on how to manage data in SimCorp. 

One of the biggest challenges working with SimCorp is that its database tables are highly normalized. That makes it easy to store individual components of data, but you quickly run into complex and inefficient database joins in your queries. And using the so-called views is seldom the answer as these are slow and inefficient – they are merely a bundled set of database tables and joins.

We not only understand the complexities of SimCorp’s data model and its data warehouse, but also the upstream and downstream system dependencies, data controls, and governance required.


We ensure you get control over your data both inside and outside SimCorp. Clear, specific information leads to better decisions, greater efficiency, and competitive advantage. With Dimensional Community you will also greatly benefit from better reporting, easier decision-making, increased transparency, less manual processing, and fewer errors.


A company’s data is one of its most valuable assets and by tailor-making all data management policies, procedures, and processes you can ensure it remains accurate, secure, and accessible for analytics insights.


We believe that data management must be business-driven, not IT-driven. It must align with your organization’s overall business strategy, create value for your business. We also believe it should at the same time be flexible and usable.

Each of these fields encompasses a body of knowledge that requires research, administration, maintenance, and optimization made easier with Dimensional Community’s data experts.


Dimensional Community can help your company create and implement a solid data management process. While every organization is unique we partner with you to address specific challenges, opportunities, and goals that will help you through every step:

Strategy. The first critical step is to understand your business. We will facilitate a discovery workshop and collaborate with you to develop a customized data management strategy.

Implementation. Secondly, we connect your strategy with specific data management tactics. We then implement policies, procedures, and change management processes.

Optimization. Data management should be a continuous process. Our data experts analyze performance and continue to fine-tune the details as needs and KPIs change.

Training. Finally, to ensure the standard is upheld, our data management consultants provide ongoing education and training to ensure all users understand and properly follow all processes.

In close collaboration with your organization, we create a partnership roadmap consisting of:


  • Data Governance

  • Data Architecture

  • Master Data, and Metadata Management

  • Quality Control

  • Data Integration and Definition

  • Warehousing, and Transformation

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