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Dimensional efficiency

SimCorp Dimension can be a struggle for some organisations to use efficiently. Day to day

process flows can become far from seamless if solutions are not fully adopted by your business. The end user misunderstanding processes and errors in configuration or other data elements can also stop you achieving your full potential on the platform.

Dimension supports a vast number of asset classes and it extremely malleable and configurable. Although this poses a complex challenge to business, in correctly utilising the software, Dimensional Community are ready and waiting, with option for long and short term support. We are increasingly becoming first choice for clients to utilise our optimisation support services. Our well experienced pool of resources will ensure the most efficient solutions are produced. Our organisation is aware of the need to be operationally agile and show scalability to ensure any possible opportunities are secured, especially in the fast changing times ahead.

You may be wondering what services and methods we apply to achieve optimisation and efficiency. One method we use to ensure this is by helping craft and uphold a flawless Business Application Support Team. Another is by reducing your problem tickets swiftly and efficiently. We also make certain your organisation has a self-sufficient team, focused on value generating tasks. They will be trained and aware how to research and resolve tickets with ease. By applying all these methods and identifying potentials for improvement, such as the automation and optimisation of processes within Dimension, we achieve best practise.

Our expert team analyse and review your IT strategy and make certain that it fits and upholds the conditions your business require. We have at our disposal over a decades in depth experience in the identification and troubleshooting of root issues and are able to find the fastest and most reliable solution. Weekly status reports allow Dimensional Community to deliver consistently and uphold the optimised strategy for the long term. We make sure business experts and consultants are mutually aligned on the objective and outcome of each project, securing this by supplying scope documents.

Validated, high quality experts who deliver only the best solution ensure the optimisation of a company. By providing live training and wellbeing programs, your team stay motivated, engaged and focused using SimCorp Dimension. Live session videos and team quiz’s are some of the methods we use to ensure this. We also conduct regular stand up meetings and team oriented wellbeing sessions.

The conclusion we want for business is the coalition of our clients and the appropriate resources. On top of this we offer guidance to prioritise the correct use of their instance of Dimension. Dimensional Community aim to create an integrated solution, promoting agile navigation of the IT landscape.



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