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Tip #2: General Navigation

In this piece, we are going to take a look at a few general ways to improve usability in SimCorp Dimension. Some methods you might already know but others may be helpful new ways to approach the platform. You may even think that the default setup should be different from the start.

Let us start with user options in the main portal. There are two useful settings here, the first being ‘use alphabetic sorting of domains’. This changes the way domain values are presented from internal key numbers to actual alphabetic sorting. If you set this option you will find that, for example, the day count convention in the bonds window shows up in a nice ordered fashion. Just below this option is the ‘use column title when adjusting width’. Setting this option will adjust width (shortcut: ctrl + w) according to both columns and content in the grid, making it easier to view data.

Now a few tips around the search shortcut keys F4 and F5. On any window, before using the F5 search function, go under the menu search setup and select the specific fields you want. Make sure the first column is the one you want to search through. Not only are records sorted according to this field, but if you start typing, this is the column that responds to your typing. Some windows; for example the ALM static data window, have the Security No. as the first column, making any search a little more cumbersome than need be.

As you can change the columns displayed in an F5 search, you can also change the columns displayed in an F4 search. Say you would like to see the security type in the security ID field in the bond transaction window. Simply right-click and select fields properties, then select the tab Search Setup. Here you can add fields and remove fields not required, making your F4 selection a little easier. Unfortunately, some fields denoted with a * or # at the end cannot all be removed. In-field properties, you will find another tab Data Restriction: as the title says this is a way to limit what data you can select in an F4 search, but note this stays so remember to undo this unless you always want something excluded.

While we are on static data, check out the window Joint Fields. Here you can select fields you want to edit across instrument types, and do a mass change of free codes and certain other fields.

A final tip to end on is in for when you are in an empty dealer window. You can right-click in the security ID field and select the edit table; this gives you an idea of which underlying static data windows are related to a dealer window. In addition to this in the same window under the help menu, if you select ‘show transaction properties’ you get a list of instrument types that can be dealt with in the window as well as relevant business and elementary transaction codes, and other details.

Hopefully some of the above will add to your experiences within SimCorp Dimension and make sure you know your way around a little better. If there are any further questions or comments you may have in regards to this topic, or if you feel we have missed something out don’t hesitate to let us know.



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