At Dimensional Community our recruitment solution provides talented SimCorp individuals to address any challenges our clients face.


Because we take a tailored approach with every client and candidate we work with, we can ensure that you’ll always find the ideal candidate for your particular recruitment requirements. 


Our goal is to match the right candidate with the best skill set that meets your needs. We believe that in order to find the best-suited candidate that fits your organization, we first need to have a solid understanding of your needs. Based on that, we will do an extensive search through our vast network and vet any candidates before they are presented to you.

By engaging in our agency model, the client will be provided with the best SimCorp talent where the client manages the project and the individuals themselves.  Also, you will have to do one of the following:

  • Provide a method and framework that your organization has already;

  • Task the hired consultant(s) to create a new method/framework;

  • Allow the consultant(s) to do their own thing.

We are fully committed to providing the highest standard of service in every area of our business, from reference checks and thorough interviews to invoicing and payroll if using freelancers. All of our contractors are paid promptly and on time ensuring a loyal, motivated workforce. 

We are constantly monitoring the ever-changing legislation in the Recruitment Industry. All candidates must provide legitimate Identification before commencing employment.  We adhere to a strict recruitment process to ensure you receive only the best possible talent available.


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