SimCorp Implementation

Our team of highly qualified consultants can assist with any aspects of an implementation from start to finish. Our perennial guarantee means that you get the best in the industry. Learn more about the core areas of our implementation approach below.

Data Migration

Avoid the same mistakes as your peers and work with a team that not only knows the pitfalls of SimCorp Dimension, but also has experience working with legacy systems such as Eagle, Advent, Portia  and PAM to name a few. We provide on-time and on-budget migrations. 

A large part of work implementing SimCorp Dimension goes to migrating data. Extracting data from your legacy system, using existing reports, scrubbing and cleansing the data and then mapping it to fit what SimCorp Dimension requires.

We have worked on many implementation projects (including even a SimCorp to SimCorp data migration project) using different legacy systems.

System Integration

Our team of developers has in-depth experience working with complex Communication Server solutions, Data Extracts and Data Format Setups. We understand the complexities of integrating via various queuing techniques, enterprise service bus etc.

We can help with all aspects of integrating your 3rd party systems with SimCorp Dimension. We have some of the best technical Dimension experts that have worked on numerous complex system integration projects with 100+ different systems, and some with over 500 + connections.

Quality Assurance

Get a jump start on testing with our team of experienced SimCorp Dimension testers. We provide a library of test cases, tools and methods that helps accelerate your testing, reduce cost while proving top quality testing assistance to your team.

It is no secret that SimCorp is a very large system, with a code base of 25+ years and 400+ developers. It allows you great flexibility in customizing workflows that meet your organization’s needs. This makes testing so much more important to ensure that what was discussed and configured ultimately meets your needs in the end.


We breathe SimCorp Dimension. Our team understands the challenges of the financial industry and strives to provide the optimal solution without compromise. In addition, we recognize that not everything can be done without SimCorp, so we also work in close partnership with your SimCorp consultants.

We aide our clients in their business decisions, providing expert knowledge in SimCorp Dimension.


Whatever implementation model you are considering, we have the expertise and knowledge to build high quality solutions in SimCorp..


Get concise requirements from your team that are easy to translate into design solutions. We ask the tough questions and focus on your needs, and not on system limitations. We also come prepared with questionnaires and templates to help accelerate the process and give you a head start.

Whether your organization runs waterfall or agile projects we can help you capture requirements or user stories. We believe it is crucial for the success of a project to accurately capture the expectations of the end-users and to identify the needs of different stakeholders.​

Program Management

Once you have committed to a an implementation, its extremely important to work with a project manager that understands the complexities around SimCorp Dimension, has hands on experience from other Dimension projects and can help you avoid the mistakes of your peers.

Managing a Dimension implementation project through to successful completion requires skill. Not only does the person need to understand your business and what is critical to you, but they also need to understand the limitations of the software as well as how to handle any issues and risks arising from the team members on the project.

Post Go-Live

Ask other clients about their go-live and they will all tell you the most painful aspect was when the SimCorp implementation team left after going live. We can help you prepare a Dimension business support team with the right skills of internal and external resources, quickly allowing you to take full ownership and control of the live environment and running it yourself.

SimCorp Dimension requires a lot of custom configuration to fit into your processes and workflows. Once the implementation has been completed, the vendor will hand over the customized application to your internal IT team to continue with its support and maintenance. At this point most..