Managed Team

As part of our Managed Team services, we will analyse and review your IT strategy to ensure it meets your overarching business requirements, while optimising your technology investment. 

This service also looks to help you realign and develop that strategy looking at cost, organisational objectives and change.

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The Managed Team Approach



Our service is complimentary to SimCorp. We always guarantee leading subject matter experts on every project with proven past SCD experience. Our team has a minimum of 5 years working with SCD, where seniors have 8+ years.

Our projects have oversight from a partner with at least 10 years SCD experience. We provide conceptual guidance, assist with workshop preparation, provide Target Operating Model advice and competitive guidance

The Engagement Model



Our role

While our clients maintain responsibility of the overall project, SimCorp is typically  responsible for configuration. The role Dimensional Community offers is project management, advisory and delivery

Oversight of projects include steering group meetings, weekly status report, raising risks and issues and invoke a powerful change management

We provide what we are best at: SCD expertise. Our consultants work full time, while the managing consultant can work part time if required

Organization Chart


The diagram below illustrates the role of all involved parties