Consultancy VS Talent Search

We offer two distinct types of services, designed to help you streamline your organisation and gain maximum value from your IT environment.

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We offer two distinct types of services, designed to help you streamline your organisation and gain maximum value from your IT environment. 

By engaging in our agency model, the client will be provided with the best SimCorp talent where the client manages the project and the individuals themselves.  Also, you will have to do one of the following:

  • Provide a method and framework that your organisation has already

  • Task the hired consultant(s) to create a new method / framework

  • Allow the consultant(s) to do their own thing

  • Varying Costs


In contrast, our consultancy offering will largely self-manage its team to solve the end-problem, managing stakeholder expectations and requesting input as required.  We will also bring a delivery method, known to the team members in advance, and a framework of assets that accelerate the delivery.

  • Our consultancy provides a solution to the client's problem, which will include a talented team (or individual) employing a best-practice delivery method and framework (templates, accelerators, tools, etc.)

  • Practices that focus on developing products and services, including experts and best-practice assets, around areas of specialism;

  • A talent management team that supports and guides career development with the consultants

  • Fixed rate card - manage budgets and secure the best talent

Other Key Factors

Team Dynamics

Interpersonal skills / team dynamics - A team of agents may not have worked together before, whereas our Dimensional Community consultancy teams are more likely to have done so (and, in any case, will employ a common method);


Dimensional Community (as professional services company) are only as good as our people so we invest significant amounts of time and money to ensure that our consultancy consultants are kept up-to-speed with the state of the art.  Agents are responsible for their own skills development, which must come at their own expense (both the cost of training and the lost opportunity cost of missed billing days during the training).

Delivery Support / Backup

Sole agents have only limited resources to fall back on, in the event that issues arise, whereas Dimensional Community consultancy have other consultants and resources that can be brought to bear, if required;


You're on your own with agency staff; you can fire them if they don't perform but you cannot recover the time and money you've spent on the project team as a whole in the meantime.  Our consultancy solution have an even greater need to protect their reputation and have greater resources to draw on, if required.