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Elevated SCD Knowledge Base

Since we launched Dimensional Community the interest in joining has been tremendous and we are pleased that so many of you have signed up. At the same time we have seen a big interest also from external consultant. While we want to keep the user forum limited to users of SCD, we at the same time acknowledge the value and expertise that lies within the individual consultants.

With that in mind, in a continued effort to expand our user forums knowledge base and response to your posts, we have decided to introduce Associates to Dimensional Community. An Associate is an individual who has worked tirelessly with SCD for at least 7 years and is respected in the community. An associate will be working under the umbrella of Dimensional Community to provide high quality knowledge to the user forum and will follow the rules we have outlined in the past. In short that means no up-selling.

We are excited to announce our first Associate to Dimensional Community: Allan Murphy. Allan started working with SCD in 2008, and brings strong expertise in the areas of Migration, Accounting, Corporate Actions, Derivatives and Reconciliation. Learn more about Allan here.

We trust you value this addition to our offering and look forward to many more knowledge sharing moments on the SCD-iki.


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