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SCD user meeting

We are excited to announce our first event on Tuesday June 12 which will bring together SCD users from all over the world. The event will be a web conference and is open to all registered member of Dimensional Community. If you are not already a member, you can signup at As a reminder, membership is exclusively for customers of SCD, meaning there will be no consultants participating.

In this first event we will set the stage for how we interact with you. We will start by giving a brief introduction and overview of how we plan on facilitate our meetings going forward, and we will take your feedback and you ideas. We will discuss your hot topics of the day based on entries in the SCD-iki or topics you bring up in the call. The platform we use is very interactive so everyone can participate, share desktop or applications and write on a whiteboard. This tool is also available on a mobile app, making it possible to join if there are any company network issues (with the same benefits as a laptop user).

Don't wait, click on the link, signup to Dimensional Community and our event and enjoy the benefits of Dimensional Community.


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