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Dimensional Community is growing rapidly

We are excited to make our first announcement in this blog with the news that over 30 different organizations from 10 different countries now have signed up and become members of Dimensional Community. Since we Paul and I launched the website 3 weeks ago we have speaking to a few organizations to walk through the platform and get feedback.

Based on the feedback, our first interactive webinar will be a discussion around the web-site. We will use this to explain the value of the user forum (SCD-iki), and address any questions you might have. Please note that the forum is currently for SimCorp Dimension® clients only, we do not allow consultants to become a member. This might change as we grow to potentially allow a limited or different access right.

The two questions most brought up was around what does SimCorp® say and the security of the site.

We met with two from the executive team of SimCorp® to present our idea and ensure they understand the purpose of the platform. The response was positive and although SimCorp® would love to participate in the forum discussions they understood the need for a closed forum without the vendor. We would however love to hear your feedback on that idea! Maybe a limited access for domain managers?

The site is based on secure html and the logon is encrypted with a password you provide. We do not see your password. We do not control the data you enter, so when you post or respond to a post, please be mindful of any data sensitive items that could be proprietary to your organization. The forum is meant to share generic SCD related topics and get help on those. Furthermore we support the new European General Data Protection Regulation.

We hope you will support us in continuing to grow the community by getting your colleagues or SCD friends to sign up. The larger the community the better it works for everyone.


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