Operation of SimCorp

If you are looking to improve the usage of Dimension in your organization, we can help. Our consultants can expertly find root causes, identify sub-par solutions and provide the accepted practice approach. Our SimCorp Dimension knowledge from industry peer firms is unmatched. 

Process Optimization

The high flexibility of SimCorp Dimension means it is not an unlikely possibility to end up with sub-par processes and solutions. We have extensive knowledge in trouble-shooting and identifying where the issues lie, providing a better, faster, and more reliable solution guaranteed.


Cumbersome, slow, unreliable, and error-prone processes in SimCorp are commonplace with a lack of proper experience, let us help you. We specialize in creating improved solutions and processes for our clients. 

In the initial setup, limited functionality may not have allowed for a proper solution, this can force organizations to adapt their own workaround. 

Day to Day Support

Falling behind on open issues? Want to expand the SimCorp knowledge of your team? Whatever your needs may be, our team can help you. We support the business users of SimCorp Dimension for however long is necessary.


We have seen many organizations struggling to run SimCorp Dimension efficiently, even struggling to make the day-to-day process flow. There can be several reasons for this, such as the end-user not understanding processes, errors in configuration, market data, or other data elements. 


Get the most out of SimCorp Dimension with our knowledgeable staff. We can help get your staff working more efficiently with the application in order to increase efficiency and reduce risk and cost to your organization. Ask us about our standard packages.

We tailor our training to your needs and workflow by using our standard package to create a training program that matches the way your organization uses SimCorp Dimension. Whether you are an asset manager, a pension plan, an insurance company, a hedge fund, a bank or a central bank, our staff come from various financial industries, are all experts in SimCorp Dimension and have a strong background in teaching. We will transfer our expert knowledge

Business Continuity

Make sure you have a solid plan in place for the worst case scenario, not just for IT, but also for your business operations. Our team can help you built an optimal plan with SimCorp Dimension in mind so should the worst case scenario happen, you know you are covered.

When faced with the unexpected, it is critical to have a plan in place to allow your organization to continue running your business. We can help you plan for SimCorp Dimension in the event you need to go to BCP. Our technical experts can guide you through everything, from system failovers and remote access control, to alternative communication or processes in the event the primary ones do not work.


As your usage of SCD grows, so does the need for regular maintenance, cleanups, adjustments etc. As your data volume naturally increases, it is important that you do a regular check-up of the patient. We can help with tools, where to look and what to change.

As time goes by, your business evolves, as does technology. There might be better or newer ways to run your applications. Data volumes will have increased, for sure. Capacity constraints might arise. A new instrument or two may need to be setup with short notice.

Upgrade Testing

Make your upgrade process smoother, faster and more robust. We have assisted clients testing multiple upgrades and we can provide tools to automate the test process. With our vast experience in testing and validating, we can help you make an upgrade an easy process.

Falling behind on your upgrades of SimCorp Dimension cannot only be risky, but also costly. We know that the yearly upgrade required by SimCorp is expensive, work-intensive and time-consuming. But it does not have to be that way.