Our core proficiency is SimCorp Dimension®. We offer best-in-class advice on everything inside and around the Dimension platform. Our team of experts have worked with Dimension at multiple buy-side firms. They understand the challenging environment you work in and are adequately equipped to advise on any change that involves the use of Dimension.


We know the importance of getting it right the first time. Our Solution Architects have 12+ years of experience working with SimCorp Dimension. They have worked on multiple projects and can clearly explain the benefits of the solution that best fits your organization.


For software solutions to work effectively and meet the set business needs, they need to have a well thought out architecture that accounts for numerous technical and business nuances. Put simply, the long-term success of any IT project relies on input from a solutions architect. Someone who has wide-ranging technical expertise and skills in business analysis and project management. A person with an aptitude for balancing business needs with different nuances of technology solutions.



Working together with your subject matter experts, we start by identifying weak or inefficient processes. We then map and analyze them to find better solutions; leading to restructuring or automation. We use our accelerators to help our clients get a jump start.


Introducing changes to processes can be difficult, especially when you need buy-in from multiple stakeholders who are heavily invested in familiar routines and resources. Dimensional Community are experts in bringing best-in-class Business Process Consulting Services to organizations either introducing or already using SimCorp Dimension.


Our blueprint Target Operating Model (TOM) is tailored to provide an organizational structure fit for SimCorp Dimension; allowing it to redesign the operational model and optimize business processes. We look to find a model that fits your organization, always keeping in mind how Dimension fits in.

The constant changes in the market, regulations, and the economy, together with evolving technology and globalization mean companies must ensure they stay ahead of the curve. That means a TOM showing a firm’s blueprint vision is vital.



Bad data can be very costly. We are proven to provide the best practice for managing data using Dimension. We are well prepared for any pitfalls that may occur, and poised to assist you to overcome all potential obstacles. Our team are experts in guiding you on how to manage data in SimCorp Dimension. 


One of the biggest challenges working with SimCorp Dimension is that its database tables are highly normalized. That makes it easy to store individual components of data, but you quickly run into complex and inefficient database joins in your queries. And using the so-called views is seldom the answer as these are slow and inefficient – they are merely a bundled set of database tables and joins.


There are many ways to integrate your existing systems with SimCorp Dimension. One of our key strengths is to advise clients on the right platform, the best tools, and the optimal approach for successful and future-proof integration.


For an IT system landscape, getting the most out of SimCorp Dimension requires business knowledge to overcome the technical challenges you may face during a complex systems integration. This applies not only to your own in-house systems but also to those of your external partners, suppliers, and customers.



Every system has its strengths and weaknesses. We know SimCorp Dimension inside and out. We can advise and guide you in your selection, from Front Office to IBOR and ABOR. We know the hard questions to ask SimCorp; questions you should also check with their competition.


If SimCorp Dimension is a part of your systems selection process so far, make sure you talk to us before you continue. Our team of experts has done over 50 different implementations of SimCorp Dimension and knows that while each organization has similar needs, every organization is different.