Our core competence is SimCorp Dimension®. We offer the best-in-class advice on everything inside and around the Dimension platform. Our team of experts have worked with Dimension at multiple buy-side firms, understands the challenging environment you work in and are adequately equipped to advise on any change that involves the use of Dimension.



We know the importance of getting it right the first time. Our Solution Architects have 12+ years experience working with SimCorp Dimension, have worked on multiple projects before and are able to clearly explain the benefits of the solution that best fits your organization.



Bad data can be very costly. We provide proven best practices on how to best manage data using Dimension, what pitfalls to avoid and help you overcome obstacles you might face. We are experts in guiding you on how to manage data in SimCorp Dimension

Business Processes and Optimization

Working together with your subject matter experts, we start by identifying weak or inefficient processes, map and analyze them to find better ways, leading to restructuring or automation. We use our accelerators to help our clients get a jump start.

Technology Integration

There are many ways to integrate your existing systems with SimCorp Dimension. One of our core competences is to advice clients on the right platform, the best tools and the most optimal approach for a successful integration, which also is future proof.

Target Operating Model

Our blueprint TOM is tailored to provide an organizational structure fit for SimCorp Dimension to redesign the operational model and optimize business processes. We look to find a model that fits your organization, always keeping in mind how Dimension fits in.



Every system has its strength and weaknesses. We know SimCorp Dimension in and out. We can advise and guide you in your selection of SimCorp Dimension, from Front Office to IBOR and ABOR. We know the hard questions to ask SimCorp – questions you should also check with their competition.


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